by Rebecca Oates

Although our class action has not yet come to a resolution, and we haven’t received financial compensation as of yet, I like to think about all the changes that have happened because of the class action.

For one it brought us all together to stand up to big corporations and let them know we will fight for change. We become louder and more impactful when we all stand together and demand justice. Because of our bravery in sharing our stories we’ve made people listen at a state and federal level in this country and we should all be incredibly proud of what we have achieved so far. 

We received recognition and an apology from our government, we’ve called for a senate inquiry into the use and safety of transvaginal mesh. We’ve had mesh products banned. And we’ve demanded that specific mesh clinics be opened up across Australia to help treat us and the damage this product has caused to our bodies. Most importantly, our voices have been heard throughout Australia and the world so women can now make informed decisions before agreeing to a mesh surgery. Because of our class action women are able to have the facts, and know the risks involved. That is knowledge I’m sure we all wish we had before signing those surgery consent forms.

This is why I feel class action lawsuits are so important. Sometimes people in power don’t listen to or believe one voice, but when we all stand together we really can bring about fundamental change. 

The Keep Corporations Honest campaign is so important because we must allow people in the future to be able to band together and have their say and be able to hold corporations responsible like we have been able to do. But without funded class actions it makes it incredibly hard for us ‘little people’ to speak.