Class actions are under attack by the Morrison Government. In parliament this week, new laws could make it a whole lot easier for the big end of town to get away with breaking the law or hurting everyday Australians, and a whole lot harder for everyday Australians to stand up to them.

But with our new ad, we’re fighting back.

When people get together in a Class Action, they’re taking on a business or government who’ve hurt them in some way. As individuals, they’ve gotten nowhere, and joining together is their last hope that the law will give them some justice. 

But Class Actions are expensive, and those big organisations can sometimes win just by spending more money on a legal case than their victims can afford.

Getting enough funding to support a victims’ class action is crucial, and the current system allows victims to get access to funding and access to justice. 

But Scott Morrison has teamed up with the big end of town to cut off those sources of funding – by making them illegal or taking away the legal right for a litigation funder to be paid by successful victims who have won a class action.

The result will be fewer class actions. Less compensation for victims. And more let-offs for the big end of town.

Please sign our petition, share our ad on social media, or take the time to write to Scott Morrison and your State Senators today.

Save class actions

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