Class actions allow ordinary Australians to band together and take action against the most powerful corporations in the world when they’ve been hurt. Class actions have helped Australians recoup more than $3 billion from companies who have done the wrong thing. 

But now these multinational corporations have a plan to fight back and kill Australian class actions by 2021. 

In recent years, the American business lobby has seen Aussies fighting for justice against:

The US business lobby hates this. So they’re tipping millions into the fight to kill Aussie class actions. And they’ve hired a top Sydney lawyer to lobby for them in Canberra. 

Their plan is to wind back the funding options that make Australian class actions viable. They know if they can cut off the funding, they’ll kill most class actions before they can begin.

So far they’ve convinced the federal government to run an inquiry into class actions. 

But there’s still time to stop them before they pass new law to kill Australian class actions. If we stand up together.

The American business lobby shouldn’t control our politicians. We should. 

That’s why I’ve added my voice to the campaign to Keep Corporations Honest. If you could spare 30 seconds of your day, you can add your voice as well. 

If enough of us sign up, we can show the government Australians don’t want you to kill our right to fight back. 

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