Class actions exist so regular people power can fight powerful organisations through the legal system.

The Keep Corporations Honest campaign exists so regular people can fight the powerful organisations trying to water down Australia’s class action system.

Since being introduced in Australia 1992, class actions have helped hundreds of thousands of ordinary people receive compensation for being harmed by the actions of corporations or other powerful institutions. These people would never have been able to take on the fight on their own. Class actions helped them band together and win.

But now there are calls from big business for class actions to be watered down and wound back.

The business lobby knows it costs millions of dollars to fight a corporation through a class action. So they are lobbying the federal parliament to remove funding options from the system. They have convinced the federal government to hold an inquiry into class actions aimed which is aimed squarely at choking off funding.

On behalf of all Australians we are fighting to repel this push and make sure class action funding remains available.

Class actions give ordinary Australians the power and funding to take on corporate giants and win. Our laws should always back the rights of average people over giant global corporations. We shouldn’t change the law to accommodate a small group of corporate giants who want to use their size to get away with breaking the rules.

We believe class actions are a crucial way to keep corporations honest. Corporate directors and executives should be worried and looking over their shoulder when they consider illegal actions.

We believe that if business wants fewer class actions they should obey the law, and not water down Australian rights.

We believe we should inform other ordinary Australians about the threat to their rights and motivate them to take action.

You never know when you might need to take part in a class action. We believe the option should be available to anyone who needs it.